CAUL-Industry Think Tank 2009 Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Global Economic Crisis:
Library Consortia, Publishers and Content Providers Working Together

Sydney, 17-18 August 2009

We have drafted a program which looks at the current economic environment on Day 1 and options for the future on Day 2.  We have designed a mix of speakers from publishing, academia and libraries, and look forward to a great deal of audience participation in a collegiate environment.  For this reason, we will limit the size of the audience to around 80.

Keynote Speaker, Dr David Prosser, Director, SPARC Europe

Dr. Prosser, [formerly] journals commissioning editor at Oxford University Press in Oxford, UK, [began] his tenure as SPARC Europe director in late October 2002. He brings to SPARC Europe experience in all areas of journal management, including finance, online and print production, and marketing. As commissioning editor at Oxford University Press, he [was] responsible for the management of a suite of molecular biology and life science journals. He has also held a range of positions at Elsevier Science Ltd.  Dr. Prosser holds BSc (Honours) and PhD degrees in physics from the University of Leeds.

SPARC Europe is an alliance of European research libraries, library organisations and research institutions. We provide a voice for the community and the support and tools it needs in order to being about positive change to the system of scholarly communications. Our members represent over 100 of Europe's leading academic and research institutions. Membership is open to national and academic libraries, library organizations and research institutions in the region.  SPARC Europe collaborates with the international SPARC organisation based in Washington D.C. We develop Europe-focused initiatives under the direction of a Board of Directors and the SPARC Europe Director. ....Day-to-day management of SPARC Europe is under the care of the Director, Dr David Prosser, who is also responsible for implementing the strategy of SPARC Europe.

The purpose of the event:
  1. To discuss the perceptions of, and reactions to, the global economic crisis, and share publishers’ and libraries’ forward thinking on effective strategies for the next 3 years.
  2. To discuss how the different participants define ‘value’ in this economic environment.  For example, how will products be packaged and priced and what will consortial members see as a value proposition?
  3. To discuss the Australian environment, and the forces driving universities and their authors to seek alternate publishing and distribution model including adopting open access models of disseminating research findings or outputs.  How will the economic crisis influence the business models being developed?  Is affordable and sustainable access to scholarly information unreachable? Who will pay in times of financial difficulty?
  4. To consider why a publishing system is required over and above a research communication system.

Attendance is by invitation only.  Substitutes may be accepted, but this is not automatic.

Because of the size limitation, we are targeting the decision makers in the organisations with whom we do business. The library representatives will be the library directors (university librarians in Australia and New Zealand) and members of the CEIRC Committee.

Meeting Papers

Think Tank 2009 Report (8/6/11)

Think Tank 2009 - report for CAUL members.  (18/12/09) [Members only]

Selected presentations .....

Sustainable Models of Publishing? - David Prosser • SPARC Europe Director

Background documents:

International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) Statement on the Global Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Consortial Licenses. January 19, 2009

CAUL Statement on the Global Economic Crisis. CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians) 27 April, 2009

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ALPSP survey of librarians on factors in journal cancellation.  Mark Ware, ALPSP, March 30, 2006.  A 64 pp. report on the effect of OA archiving on library decisions to cancel journal subscriptions. The report (in print and PDF) costs £45/$80/€100 for ALPSP members and £90/$160/€200 for non-members.  The ALPSP's free summary of the report.  "The ALPSP finds that journal prices are far more threatening than OA archiving" Peter Suber. (UK)

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2009 July 11 Chicago, IL Rough waters: Navigating hard times in the scholarly communication marketplace: SPARC-ACRL forum. The forum, was held at the Chicago meeting of the American Library Association in July, was co-sponsored by SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL).     

Transforming the Marketplace:  Angels or Demons? Ivy Anderson, Director of Collection Development & Management, California Digital Library


The Think Tank will be held at the Metcalfe Auditorium, the ground floor of the Macquarie Street wing of the State Library of New South Wales - see directions to the library.
The dinner will be held at the Darling Harbour Room, Novotel Rockford / Pumphouse, 17 Little Pier Street, Darling Harbour.