eResources - CAUL Meetings & Events (CEIRC program) Saturday, 19 November 2016

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Negotiating Database Licences [presentation by Diane Costello to] ANZACLL (Australian and New Zealand Academic and College Law Libraries) Meeting University of Sydney 23 September 2013.

Working with CAUL/CEIRC - for (new) publishers and their (new) representatives ....  a showcase event at VALA2012
Wednesday 8 February 2012 - presentation by Diane Costello.  A reprise of this event was held at VALA2014 (Tuesday, 4 February) and in 2016:  2016 presentation to "newbies".

ALIA Forum 2/4/04 - Notes by Sue Dowling

Consortial Purchasing: one model out of many .... - presentation by Diane Costello (CAUL) at the ALIA Forum on Purchasing Agreements, Canberra, 14 October 2002 [old link]

CAUL Industry Think Tank, 22-23 May 2002 - Publishers' Pricing Models and Intra-Consortial Cost Allocation.

The CAUL Experience in Consortial Purchasing - presentation by Diane Costello (CAUL)  - Nordic Federation of Research Libraries Association (NVBF) Study Tour of Australia - June, 2002 The CAUL Experience: changing with the times and tips for new players, by Diane Costello (CAUL), Presentation at FLIN Seminar, Canberra, 2 May, 2002.

CEIRC Roadshows

Just Like Topsy - How CAUL Became CEIRC: the Rise of the Libary Consortium. Presentation by Diane Costello (CAUL). at JULAC Seminar: Electronic Resources - Consortial Initiatives Hong Kong 11 May 2001.

CAUL Industry ThinkTank, 22-23 October 2000 - Presentation by Sherrey Quinn & Ian McCallum.